tips for caring wood furniture

Tips for Caring Wood Furniture

WEBVISIT – Furniture made of wood is widely made because it is easy to form and cut. In addition, Saigon trees are suitable for industrial plants because of their rapid growth, at 3 years of age they can reach 10 cm in diameter. However, the second tree is not considered a hardwood, so it is susceptible to pests and fungi. Well, if you have Saigon wood furniture, follow the tips on caring for it to stay durable the following.

1). Diligently Cleaned

Don’t be lazy to take the time and be more diligent in cleaning your Saigon wood furniture. But to clean it, there are also special ways to keep wood durable and strong. Use a sponge soaked with warm water and give a little soap. For corners that are difficult to reach, you can use a used toothbrush. After that, wipe with a damp cloth to the entire surface of the furniture to clean and dry. Make sure the furniture is free of dust and no stains left behind which can make mold more easily attack your furniture.

2). Don’t Leave Furniture Exposed To The Sun.

Before placing furniture, know in advance the direction of light coming into the room. Furniture that is too often exposed to direct sunlight will actually make it more fragile. Furniture paint can also quickly fade, peel, or crack. In addition to sunlight, also avoid putting furniture close to heat sources such as stoves or fireplaces because the wood will burn easily.

3). Keep away from Humid Places

Even though you shouldn’t get too much direct sunlight, you also need to keep the moisture out of the wood. Do not put furniture too tight against the wall so it is not easily attacked by fungus and easier to clean. Do not lift, move, or move furniture too often because this wood is soft and not as hard as teak. Also make sure there is air circulation from the window that can be opened so that the room is not damp and keep the wood strong.

4). Use Anti-Fungus Medication

If the furniture from wood that you have is already affected by mold, then the last solution you should use anti-fungal drugs. Use drugs specifically made for wooden furniture so that the results obtained can be more leverage. You can use drugs such as Biocide SFP. The trick, mix Biocide SFP with water, then wipe the surface of the furniture that has been cleaned.

If the furniture already looks dull, you can also repaint with special wood paint so that it looks good and beautiful to the eye. For care from the inside, you can polish furniture from Saigon wood with wax. You can polish it using a clean cloth on the wood surface. Try to do this treatment as often as possible for maximum results.

5). Use a mat

Most wood furniture has a heavy burden because the material is made of wood that is classified as hard. Now to reduce the weight, you can use a doormat or carpet on furniture legs so that the shift does not cause marks on the floor. This is highly recommended if your home uses hardwood floors that are prone to scratches.

Not only used as wooden furniture, but wood is also widely used for non-construction building materials such as concrete molds, cast roof supports, to construction fences. Trees that grow wild in this forest are often used as the main substitute for natural wood such as teak to be processed into a product.

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