furniture required to complete a dorm room

Furniture Required to Complete a Dorm Room

WEBVISIT – People who live in dorm room places often feel confused about arranging their own rooms. Especially if the dorm room experience is just lived for the first time. One thing that should be the main concern is the furniture for the dorm room.

The existence of the right furniture in the dorm room will help you to move freely. Usually, a comfortable dorm room is a room that is already equipped with a number of this furniture.

Regular Bed or Bunk Bed

The first furniture that is definitely there for every dorm room is a bed. If you occupy a dorm room alone, an ordinary bed would be enough to be used alone. Meanwhile, if you live with friends, bunk beds are the right solution. Bunk beds make you and your friends sleep comfortably without taking up too much space. You and your friends both have a private area in the form of a one-bed unit in a stacked position.


Discussing dorm room furniture is certainly not complete if you do not mention the wardrobe. Your dorm room should be equipped with a wardrobe, not a tiered drawer. The wardrobe will help you keep your clothes neat so that they are easier to find. The remaining space in the cupboard can also be used to store other items so that the atmosphere of the dorm room does not seem messy.

General Purpose Shelf

Another type of furniture that must be available to complete a dorm room is a multi-purpose shelf. You can use shelves to store various small objects so that they are easier to find when you need them. So that the shelf does not look messy, you can complete it with a container box so that your goods can be stored in a closed state. Label each box so you can find items quickly when using them.

Computer desk

If you live in a large dorm room, you have the opportunity to use a computer desk. The use of a computer desk is very important to support work activities or completion of college assignments while helping you put items related to the routine. Choose a computer desk that size is not too big but has a double function to store things so that your dorm room is not narrow.

Hanging shelf

Other furniture variants that are important for dorm room needs are wall shelves or floating shelves. You can use a hanging rack to place books and other small items. The use of a hanging rack will not make the room seem cramped because of its position attached to the wall. Choose an artistic form of the hanging rack so that it can double as an element of room decoration.

Folding chair

The existence of folding chairs is also important to complete your dorm room. Choose a folding chair that is small in size but able to accommodate a fairly heavyweight. Folding chairs are important for you when the guest rooms are having guests. When not in use, this one furniture can be folded and stored in a place that is somewhat hidden so that the dorm room does not seem cramped.

Which of the seven furniture for the dorm room do you have? Of course, you don’t have to use all of them. Choose the core furniture and complementary furniture that suits the needs and size of the dorm room.

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